Make Flu Vaccination part of your new norm (Just like wearing a mask)

Getting vaccinated against the flu will not only protect you but also the health of people around you, just like how wearing a mask protects everyone.

Just as wearing a mask comes as a cheap and effective tool to combat transmission of COVID-19, getting vaccinated against the flu can dramatically reduce person-to-person transmission of influenza. Studies have shown that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by 40% to 60% among the overall population during peak flu season. 

But why talk about the flu during COVID-19?

Living at a time of a global pandemic, COVID-19 has rapidly changed everything about the way we live, work and travel.

With COVID-19 still doing the talks, making flu vaccination as part of your new norm seems very trivial.

Getting a flu jab is critical to public healthcare. Experts insists individuals in getting vaccinated against the flu to remain as healthy as possible, to protect people who are vulnerable and also help reduce the strain on health resources resulting from COVID-19.

A flu jab will not combat COVID-19 or give you immunity, but it will certainly reduce the severity and spread of seasonal influenza which can impact a person’s health and make them susceptible to other diseases including COVID-19.

Why is it important to get vaccinated against the flu when everyone’s social distancing?

A girl sneezing due to flu needs a 2021 flu vaccination, Onsite Medical Hub, Melbourne

Unfortunately, as we re-emerge from lockdown with newer and safer work models, social distancing is still really not possible all times. There is still a risk of suffering from flu this year even though most Victorians are still working from home.

Seasonal flu is more dangerous for the older generation and young children. By getting a flu jab, you are not only protecting yourself from the disease but an entire community, including people who might not be able to get vaccinated due to some medical reason.

The Australian Government recommends all Australians aged 6 months or more to get vaccinated against flu and prevent the likelihood of a flu epidemic.

The coronavirus is mutating – does the flu virus change too?

The answer is, yes. Just as how the coronavirus is mutating as it’s spreading more, the influenza virus also keeps changing, each time creating a new strain of the virus.

While the viral mutation may sound concerning, the flu shots are constantly redesigned to protect you against any newly developed strains.

Every year, The Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee meets to recommend the composition of the Influenza Vaccine and this is no different to last year when they met to decide on the new composition for 2021 vaccines.

This is why it is important to get vaccinated every year to protect yourself from that year’s new strain.

For more information on the 2021 Influenza Vaccine, click here.

Will COVID-19 impact the way we get flu vaccinated?

A nurse administrating a flu vaccination 2021 to a patient, Onsite Medical Hub, Melbourne

Given the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, influenza vaccination will be more important than ever before.

The Chief Medical Officer of The Commonwealth, Professor Paul Kelly insisted that the demand for influenza vaccines would be high in 2021. Given the record number of influenza vaccines that were made available for the Australian market in 2020, the demand for 2021 flu vaccinations is expected to be very high.

Last year, due to an unprecedented surge in flu vaccine demands, many pharmacies and GP’s ran out of stock. In fact, according to RACGP, there was a shortage of flu vaccines in Victoria, even though 1.7 million extra doses were made available.

2021 is expected to be no different. With the COVID-19 vaccination due to start as early as Feb, it is important to get your vaccination programs organised as soon as possible. Read more on why flu preparedness is good for business.

Flu Vaccination Program with Onsite Medical Hub

We provide on-site flu vaccination programs for any form of organisation across Melbourne and Victoria.

If you would like to organise an onsite vaccination program for your workers and employees anywhere around Victoria, call us at (03) 8849 0888 or email us at for more information.

You can also fill this form for a quotation for onsite COVID-19 testing, flu vaccinations or employee health checks.

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Onsite Medical Hub helped us to facilitate a mass flu vaccination program for our school community. We were very impressed with all facets of their processes. They were excellent to communicate with, quick and efficient in their delivery of the vaccine and their staff were a delight to work with. We will certainly be using them again!
Kate Guggenheimer | Director of Students, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
The first priority for us is the safety and wellbeing of our 410 employees. This can only be delivered by careful and reliable processes that can be implemented without reducing productivity. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of Onsite Medical Hub to our health care needs.
Matthew O’Connor I CEO, G&K O’Connor​
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Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
We are so grateful to have Onsite Medical Hub carry out the COVID-19 screening on our behalf. It has provided us with a safety net that has proved to be a great success.
Charlie Scudamore I Vice Principal Culture & Community, Geelong Grammar School​
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