Flu vaccines 2021- Why workplace flu preparedness is good for business

2021 is approaching quickly and everyone is planning for the year ahead and beyond.

As Victoria records consecutive days of no new coronavirus cases, we are enjoying a range of new freedoms.

This also means industries that were shut during the hard lockdown have started to reopen and others who were operating at a reduced workforce can increase their capacity.

With many more industries expected to return to work by early next year, the key concern is employee’s health and safety. Some areas where the employer should be focused right now is workplace flu preparedness and booking for an employee vaccination program in advance.

2021 is expected to be the busiest vaccination year on record and locking in your flu vaccine providers now is necessary as providers are going to be very short on the ground with the similar timing of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Set your workplace on the right track for 2021 return with flu preparedness

Onsite employee vaccination program before 2021 will help you in flu preparedness , Onsite Medical Hub

At this point, businesses must ask if they have a COVID-19 Exit Plan?

If you don’t have one, consider doing it soon.

Here are the 4 things you must consider:

1) Provide employee vaccinations when your workforce re-enters physical workspace

One of the foremost responsibilities as an employer is to provide workplace flu vaccines to all your returning employees.

If your business deals with sensitive industries such as healthcare, childcare, food and food processing and fitness, employee vaccinations are the cornerstone for your overall business performance.   

If your employees are at any risk of preventable diseases like influenza and if a Covid-19 vaccine is available, a company-wide vaccination program must be included in your roadmap.

The new 2021 flu vaccine strain is already announced by the Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee, with the World Health Organisation recommending two changes from the 2020 Influenza vaccine. 

2) Maintain good productivity by providing a safer work environment

Influenza spreads quickly from sick workers to others. It is a contagious disease and spreads when in close contact with a sick worker.

People in an office environment are mostly close to each other by sharing common spaces, supplies and equipment for longer times. As a result, there is an increased risk for each of your employees to fall sick.

The best way to prevent a flu pandemic at your work if getting your office prepared before-hand with safe practices and policies in place. 

In Australia, healthcare industries generally have policies placed requiring all workers to be immunised against any vaccine-preventable disease.

Workplace vaccinations can significantly reduce absenteeism due to sick calls, doctor’s visits, missed deadlines and contributes to protecting the business from any health-related crisis. 

3) Identify risks, assess and control them

Post lockdown, employers must follow standards to identify any risks involved with the returning workers.

Conduct an assessment and perhaps consider an employee vaccination program organised as soon as everyone returns.

Apart from ensuring best health practices like social distancing, immunisation and sanitisation of the workplace, provide extra information, supervision and communicate updates with your workers.

4) Time to address workplace health policies again

The uncertainty due to COVID-19 has called for a demand to re-address workplace health policies with constant updates.

To ensure peace of mind, emphasis on how important it is for your staff to stay back home when feeling sick to avoid any risk of spreading illness at work. 

The demand for COVID-19 vaccines drives more demand for Flu Vaccines

As global demand significantly grows for finding an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine, the demand to reduce the spread of other respiratory diseases including influenza is more than ever.

In Australia, the demand for Influenza vaccines continues to rise, with one in two GPs saying shortages of the flu vaccine is the new norm of their practices.

With thousands expected to return to work by early 2021, many organisations are already planning a roadmap to safety return to work that involves an employee vaccination program. As a result of which the demand for an onsite vaccination program is on the rise.

Given how COVID-19 has already stretched our economy, absenteeism due to the flu is the last thing a business would want.

It is therefore ideal to consider finding and locking in a vaccination program with your providers to avoid any long lines. 

We have established ourselves as one of Melbourne’s foremost on-site flu vaccine providers.

We have a dedicated team led by doctors and registered nurses who provide on-site vaccinations to employees at your workplace.

If you’re interested to know more about how we can assist you in helping your workers to safely return to work, give us a call at (03) 8849 0888 or email us at info@onsitemedicalhub.com.au for further information. 

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Onsite Medical Hub helped us to facilitate a mass flu vaccination program for our school community. We were very impressed with all facets of their processes. They were excellent to communicate with, quick and efficient in their delivery of the vaccine and their staff were a delight to work with. We will certainly be using them again!
Kate Guggenheimer | Director of Students, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
The first priority for us is the safety and wellbeing of our 410 employees. This can only be delivered by careful and reliable processes that can be implemented without reducing productivity. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of Onsite Medical Hub to our health care needs.
Matthew O’Connor I CEO, G&K O’Connor​
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Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
We are so grateful to have Onsite Medical Hub carry out the COVID-19 screening on our behalf. It has provided us with a safety net that has proved to be a great success.
Charlie Scudamore I Vice Principal Culture & Community, Geelong Grammar School​
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