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Employee health checks

Onsite Medical Hub conveniently brings a healthcare focus to your workplace with employee health checks. Workplace health is now more important than ever and Onsite Medical Hub has your organisation’s occupational health needs covered.

Occupational health checks and screening Melbourne and Victoria
employee health screenings Melbourne and VIC
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We give both the employer and employee health assurance by providing:

  • an overview to employers of workforce health risks and recommendations for improvement to tailor future initiatives; and
  • health insights to employees via one on one session with a qualified health professional.
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Services include:

  • Pre-employment medical examinations and reports
  • Employee annual health checks
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Executive Health Checks
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Health Checks

We can provide a wide range of workplace health checks, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Heart Health Check
  • Hearing Check (Audiometry)
  • Spirometry Check (lung function tests)
  • Vision Check
  • Body Composition Check
  • Posture Check
  • Flexibility and Strength Check
  • Chronic Disease Screening
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Health Check FAQs

  • What conditions do you screen for? 
    We screen most medical conditions that are required for most workplace settings.  From aviation to industrial or executive health – our team has the expertise to provide the required health checks.
  • How many employees can be checked on one day? 
    It depends, but we have over 30 doctors and 20 nurses in our immediate team and so can scale up for large screening programs.
  • Can we come to you if our site isn’t suitable?
    Yes, we offer the flexibility of attending our clinics, but most of our customers prefer us to come to their site of work.
  • How do we get started?
     Simply request a quote and explain to us what you are looking for and we will respond promptly.
  • How much does it cost per employee? 
    We will tailor make a program to suit your request and providing value is of paramount importance to us. Because we have a large network of operating clinics we can generally offer better value than others.
  • Do you provide certification for employees?
    Yes, we can provide evidence of testing to employees and employers, noting all information provided is subject to standard privacy provisions.
  • How long will it take to get results? 
    Most results can be provided within 2 days.
  • Do you help us promote the checks to our employees? 
    Yes, we can easily do this by providing the right language and assurance to you so that you can communicate effectively to your employees.
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Onsite Medical Hub helped us to facilitate a mass flu vaccination program for our school community. We were very impressed with all facets of their processes. They were excellent to communicate with, quick and efficient in their delivery of the vaccine and their staff were a delight to work with. We will certainly be using them again!
Kate Guggenheimer | Director of Students, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
The first priority for us is the safety and wellbeing of our 410 employees. This can only be delivered by careful and reliable processes that can be implemented without reducing productivity. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of Onsite Medical Hub to our health care needs.
Matthew O’Connor I CEO, G&K O’Connor
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
We are so grateful to have Onsite Medical Hub carry out the COVID-19 screening on our behalf. It has provided us with a safety net that has proved to be a great success.
Charlie Scudamore I Vice Principal Culture & Community, Geelong Grammar School
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