A nurse administrating a flu vaccination 2021 to a patient, Onsite Medical Hub, Melbourne

Getting vaccinated against the flu will not only protect you but also the health of people around you, just like how wearing a mask protects everyone. Just as wearing a mask comes as a cheap and effective tool to combat transmission of COVID-19, getting vaccinated against the flu can dramatically reduce person-to-person transmission of influenza. … Read more

Arranging an employee flu vaccination at workplace will help you prepare better for 2021, Onsite Medical Hub

2021 is approaching quickly and everyone is planning for the year ahead and beyond. As Victoria records consecutive days of no new coronavirus cases, we are enjoying a range of new freedoms. This also means industries that were shut during the hard lockdown have started to reopen and others who were operating at a reduced … Read more

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Seasonal Influenza a threat to Australian organisations Seasonal Influenza or more commonly the ‘flu’ can be terrible for businesses. Flu and other preventable diseases pose massive threats to organisations across Australia and can jeopardise business due to unplanned absenteeism. Flu is a highly contagious respiratory illness which can spread from worker to worker who share … Read more

onsite flu vaccinations Melbourne & Victoria

Flu vaccines cannot give you the flu Flu Vaccinations can keep your employees healthy, and whilst some people may think that the flu vaccine can give them the flu, this simply is not true! The flu vaccine contains only inactive particles of the virus to help our immune system create antibodies to fight off influenza. … Read more

Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Onsite Medical Hub helped us to facilitate a mass flu vaccination program for our school community. We were very impressed with all facets of their processes. They were excellent to communicate with, quick and efficient in their delivery of the vaccine and their staff were a delight to work with. We will certainly be using them again!
Kate Guggenheimer | Director of Students, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
The first priority for us is the safety and wellbeing of our 410 employees. This can only be delivered by careful and reliable processes that can be implemented without reducing productivity. We appreciate the speed and responsiveness of Onsite Medical Hub to our health care needs.
Matthew O’Connor I CEO, G&K O’Connor​
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne
We are so grateful to have Onsite Medical Hub carry out the COVID-19 screening on our behalf. It has provided us with a safety net that has proved to be a great success.
Charlie Scudamore I Vice Principal Culture & Community, Geelong Grammar School​
Orange bottom block quote, Onsite Medical Hub Melbourne